Whether you plan to gather friends and family for your wedding anniversary or to host a corporate dinner, you should consider a catered barbeque dining option. Increasingly popular, especially when it comes to big events like wedding receptions let’s take a closer look at the benefits of BBQ catering for private parties.

Delicious and diverse

It’s true that there are plenty of fancy gourmet options available, but the reality is that BBQ food is super tasty. If you conduct a survey among a random group of people, you will discover that this food ranks highly with the majority of respondents. Its succulent and has rich flavor and aromas. Besides, practically any kind of food can be cooked on the BBQ. The list ranges from the classic options like pork and chicken to grilled veggies and smoked cheese. You can rest assured that the people who you have invited to your party will enjoy a mouth-watering and truly memorable meal.

Healthy and affordable

In general, grilled and smoked food is healthier since these cooking methods don’t involve the use of oil. Those who have to mind their calorie intake can readily opt for grilled vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, peppers, carrots and mushrooms. Another great advantage of getting private party BBQ catering is that it is usually more affordable compared to many of the traditional options.

Casual and inviting

When you serve barbeque, you will not have people wondering which fork to use or how to cut the particular meat exactly. Although some would never admit it, we all love simple food which is delicious and don’t like engaging in fancy ceremonies when it comes to dining. Most of us associate BBQ lunches and dinners with warm and friendly gatherings. If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere and have people open up and chat to each other, the taking the hassle out of cooking with bbq party catering would be ideal for you. It is the ideal option for people of all ages. Kids love it as much as adults for the same reasons – it’s tasty and easy to eat.

Everything is taken care of

When you think about BBQ catering, you should not imagine a menu which features only pork ribs made in two different ways. The specialized companies like Pigspit.ie offer a diverse BBQ menu selection which includes different types of meat, sauces, salads, appetizers and desserts. When you hire such a company, you can create the perfect meal to suit everyone as there is a sufficiently large number of options in each and every one of these categories.

You can expect full servicing to be included in the package too. You can typically choose from two options. You can have the food delivered to your venue or have professionally trained staff serve it at the event and clean up once the party is over. This latter option is not as expensive as some might think. With it, you will save a great deal of hassle, leaving you free to entertain and enjoy your guests company.

So, if you are thinking about hosting a catered private party, give us a call today and find out exactly how we can turn your party into a memorable event that everyone will be talking about for years to come.

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